Past Conferences

Great ideas continue to inspire. Don’t miss these highlights from past conferences.

Conference Recap

What Ideas Will You Take Home?

Actionable insights were the order of the day. The list of speakers covered a wider range of brands and success stories than ever before, from CNN and HGTV to Lands End and Virgin America, and from a living action sports legend to a member of the British knighthood. Attendees took home a wealth of insights on channeling their passion, building and maintaining loyalty, and maximizing their credit unions’ successes.

Conference Highlights

THINK 11 Conference Highlights


  • brett-king-355x355

    Author and Strategic Advisor to the Global Financial Services Sector

    Brett King

  • jeanne-bliss-355x355

    Customer Loyalty Expert - CustomerBliss

    Jeanne Bliss

  • jeff-manning-355x355

    Founder - Got Manning?

    Jeff Manning

  • ken-robinson-355x355

    Author and Internationally Acclaimed Expert on Creativity and Innovation

    Sir Ken Robinson

  • nancy-hill-355x355

    President and CEO - American Association of Advertising Agencies

    Nancy Hill

  • nancy-lublin-355x355

    CEO - Do Something, Inc.

    Nancy Lublin

  • porter-gale-355x355

    Vice President, Marketing - Virgin America

    Porter Gale

  • susan-packard-355x355

    Co-Founder and Former COO - HGTV

    Susan Packard

  • tony-hawk-355x355

    Pro Skateboard Legend

    Tony Hawk