As we look forward into 2019, it is easier to note ongoing patterns from the past few years, suggest they’ll continue, and surmise that they’ll likely continue to evolve mostly in the ways that they have been advancing.

Akamai releases State of Internet/Security – A year in review. “There’s no doubt that 2018 has been an interesting year for security professionals around the globe, and 2019 is likely to accelerate the changes we’re already seeing. Five years ago, our industry was still struggling to garner attention from business units we support. Today, information security is a major topic of conversation at nearly every organization. That change hasn’t been without a few growing pains. Sometimes a lot of pain.”

Five Innovation Trends that will define Banking in 2019. “To be able to compete and grow where margins are thin, competition is fierce, regulations are changing and technology has an increasing impact, financial institutions must place innovation as a top priority. Organizational cultures must be shifted to support innovations that will impact increasingly outdated business models. Banks and credit unions must also anticipate consumer needs and innovate in ways that will prioritize the most effective mix of capabilities, processes and people.”

Why you should stop setting easy goals. “Even if the goal is hard to achieve, your team is likely to see the benefits — and to be motivated to reach a target that makes them proud.”

The new rules of communicating in a virtual world. “While we can communicate with anyone on the planet at seemingly any time, it’s also resulted in unproductive and sometimes boring (if we’re honest…) conversations. Worse than boring, virtual communications often lead to misunderstandings because they deprive us of the emotional knowledge that helps us understand context.”

Take the test: How many times has your personal information been exposed to hackers?

AI Software can dream up an entire digital world from a simple sketch. “This trend promises to revolutionize computer graphics and special effects, and help artists and musicians imagine or develop new ideas. But it could also undermine public trust in video and audio evidence.” And AI can help credit unions predict and adapt to fraud through advanced machine learning technology.

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