Digital to the Core


Digital to the Core makes the case that all business leaders must understand the impact the digital revolution will continue to play in their industries, companies, and leadership styles and practices.

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“Cities in the past were built on riverbanks. They are now built along highways. But in the future they will be built based on availability of optical fiber networks and next-generation infrastructure.” – Narendra Modi, Prime Minister, India

Digital technology is transforming entire industries – including financial services – within a very short time, and the change to come will be exponential. In “Digital to the Core,” Mark Raskino and Graham Waller of Gartner, Inc. explain how leaders today must bring digital to the center of everything they do. As we move forward, digital businesses will cause greater disruptions and require more significant organizational and business model changes than the internet of times past ever did.

Executives must understand the critical forces driving digital to the core of products and services and learn how to redesign their industries, remodel institutions and reinvent themselves to take digital to the core of their leadership. This book is a guide for leaders looking to make bold strides in their digitization journey, identifying three major disruptive forces in the digital era:

  • Resolution Revolution, allowing us to accurately measure and precisely control things and events.
  • Compound Uncertainty, requiring that leaders assess the tipping points of technology, culture and regulation.
  • Boundary Blurring, occurring when the digital and physical worlds merge and altering industries as we know them.

These are the challenges facing credit union leaders today. Technology is an amazing opportunity to reinvent yourself with customer-focused digital products. “Digital to the Core” offers real guidance on forming a detailed plan for moving forward, using real-life expertise from people who are ahead of the digital transformation game.

How will you get there?

  • Remake yourself. Who do you need to be and how do you have to change to become a digital leader?
  • Remodel your credit union. What does your credit union need to become and and how will you redefine your institution?
  • Remap your industry. How do you need to change your world view, and what credit union paradigms do you need to rethink?

Digital to the Core” offers practical advice to develop strategies, create digital concepts and become a more dynamic organization. This book is a practical guide to making a giant transformative leap – from wherever you are now to a digitally transformed organization.

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