Leading Digital – Turning Technology into Business Transformation

THINK Review

“Our most fundamental conclusion is that Digital Masters – companies that use digital technologies to drive significantly higher levels of profit, productivity, and performance – do exist, but they’re rare.”

There is a lot of hype surrounding digital, mobile, Internet of Things and disruption. And don’t even get us started on the overuse of the term “innovation.” Still, we know that digitized companies are more profitable than enterprises that just try to transform incrementally. We know that companies need to transform their cultures into digital mindsets in order to be able to compete with startups and disruptive, competitive threats. We also know we need a clear, step-by-step guide on how to navigate these digital forces that change everything, especially from the perspective of a traditional company, not a Silicon Valley startup. Leading Digital delivers on that promise and is a must-read for anyone starting to transform their mindset and credit union.

The authors Didier Bonnet, George Westerman and Andrew McAfee demonstrate how true digital masters have embraced the digital age and found increased profit as a result. Any futurist worth their speaking fee agrees that industries will be transformed in a way that most of us cannot even imagine right now. Tsunamis of technology will work their way across the financial services ocean and those who are not equipped with the latest business models and technologies to surf the wild sea will end up on a deserted island or disappear from view.

Digital Masters are 26 percent more profitable than average competitors.

 The authors conducted research with over 400 companies and explored the DNA of Digital Masters and how they act differently. As an overarching theme, these companies go beyond the likes of mobility and social media: The goal is to excel in both digital and leadership capabilities. And, to repeat this important fact, their intent was to, “understand how technology was being adopted by the 90-plus percent of the economy that doesn’t do technology for a living.”

Leading Digital gives how-to-examples and illustrative case studies for transformative leaders. In three chapters the book addresses:

  1. Digital capability (the “what”)
  2. Digital leadership (the “how”)
  3. Digital playbook (the “tool-set” for digital transformation)

The key messages of the book deliver complex insights with clear style and readability. It will stimulate debate in your credit union and help you get started to transform digitally. As Walt Disney said: “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” Leading Digital is your first step to get started.

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