The Excellence Dividend


“Here’s what you need to know: This is 100% pure, unfiltered, unexpurgated, Tom Peters. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL. PERIOD.”
—Seth Godin, New York Times bestselling author of Linchpin

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“Tom Peters’ new book is a bundle of beautiful dynamite. While I’ve been a CEO for 30 years, I still learned much worth knowing from The Excellence Dividend.  You will too.”
—John C. Bogle, founder, Vanguard

Consumer expectations driven by technology are evolving faster than ever. They want everything. Now. Impatience is a virtue. This might just be the mantra for today’s connected consumer. They live in an on-demand environment where, with a few taps and swipes of their mobile device, they can have what they want, when they want it. As technology delivers increasingly instant gratification, the more it sets a new standard for customer expectations.

Your members won’t accept anything less than excellence. That’s why we themed THINK 18: The Race to Excellence. But excellence has been an important business topic for a long time: Over 35 years ago, Peters and coauthor Robert H. Waterman Jr. first changed the business world with their concept of “business excellence.” At the time, American businesses were losing ground to international competition because they were overwhelmed by spreadsheets, projection models, and organizational structures. Today, the threat isn’t international but rather, technological and based on AI. Peters argued that, in order for a workforce in flux to rise to the existential threat posed by tech, business leaders must embrace what makes their flesh-and-bone workforce different from their tech-driven counterparts—specifically, their humanity. And continues to make the same argument.

In his latest book, The Excellence Dividend renowned business leader Tom Peters shares an experience familiar to 21st-century shoppers: Having realized he’s out of vacuum bags, Peters heads to Home Depot, where he discovers that the retailer is out of the particular type of bag he needs. As the clerk disappears into the back of the store to see if they have any more bags in reserve, Peters pulls out his phone, searches for the item on Amazon, and orders it for next-day delivery through his Prime membership.

This is the environment in which Tom Peters writes The Excellence Dividend, a sequel to his 1982 best-seller, In Pursuit of Excellence. In both works, Peters’ fundamental argument remains the same: the businesses that thrive regardless of the internal and external pressures they face are those who invest in the traits that make us distinctly human.

For decades Tom Peters has been preaching audiences around the world to put people first, and in today’s rapidly changing business environment, this message is more important than ever. With his unparalleled expertise, Peters offers brilliantly simple, actionable guidelines for success that any business leader can immediately implement. He provides a roadmap for your credit union and for you as an individual to succeed amidst the tech tsunami, and he continues to enjoy doing it. The Excellence Dividend is an important new book from one of today’s greatest business thinkers. And another reason why we look forward seeing you at THINK 18 for “The Race to Excellence”.

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