The Gen Z Effect: The Six Forces Shaping the Future of Business


In the book “The Gen Z Effect,” authors Tom Koulopoulos and Dan Keldsen explore what happens when younger people enter the workforce and what six forces will inevitably shape the future as we know it. They describe the changes we can expect as people live longer and stay vital in the workforce and describe that not only will we experience changes in the way we do business but also in how we live our lives on a daily basis. Learn why the Generation Z effect impacts us all and why embracing the paradigm shift can change our future for success.

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“Post-generational thinking requires that we not only change our individual perceptions of the boundaries between generations, but also build organizations that can do the same.”

Generation gaps are common. As younger people enter the workforce, we are used to having two generations working side by side. But as people live longer and stay vital in the workforce, by the year 2020 it won’t be unusual to see as many as five generations working together. In addition, we literally reached the end of the alphabet with Generation Z after we exhausted our insights about Generation Y (Millennials), lived through Generation X and see the Babyboomers slowly leaving the workforce.

What does it mean that we reached the end of the alphabet?

While each generation confronted and uniquely dealt with challenges of their time, the impact of Generation Z is and will be enormous: Not only will we experience changes in the way we do business but also in how we daily live our lives.

For the first time in history, Generation Z carries the ability to connect every individual on the planet, providing historic opportunities in education, business and social structures. In addition, all generations use the same tools and technologies, making such generational divides obsolete and unproductive. This requires us to look deeper at the Gen Z effect, a primer for both individuals and organizations on how to succeed in what may be the most challenging and simultaneously greatest opportunity producing time in history.

The era of post-generational thinking

We need to look deeper at behaviors that cross generations. The effect of Gen Z manifests itself when it is realized to be not about a particular generation but about how technology is changing how all generations interact.

All of us have to deal with six forces that will shape our future world:

  1. Breaking Generations: Disruptive population redistribution.
  2. Hyperconnecting: People, machines and objects will be connected on all levels.
  3. Slingshotting: Transforming cutting-edge technology into the norm almost overnight.
  4. Shifting from Affluence to Influence: Ability to influence events without the benefit of large pools of cash.
  5. Adopting the world as my classroom: Availability of all levels of education for any age.
  6. Lifehacking: Focusing on outcomes rather than processes, making meaning and purpose the crux of our personal and professional lives.

Generation divides made sense in the past, but with technology providing new ways of communication and collaboration, those barriers are obsolete now. With generational lines blurring disappearing, the Generation Z effect impacts us all and by embracing the paradigm shift, we can realize a future of success.

This book will help you take the first step.

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