Speakers & Contributors

  • Phillips McCarty
    Phillips McCarty
    Principal & Maureen Carlson, President, Good Scout Group
  • Clark Sweat
    Clark Sweat
    Chief Corporate Partnership Officer, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
  • Andrew Gates
    Andrew Gates
    Director of Strategic Partnerships, RewardsNow
  • Ron Record
    Ron Record
    Relationship Manager, Saylent Technologies
  • Brian Porter
    Brian Porter
    Director of Business Development, Branch Transformation/Advisory Services, Diebold
  • Rachna Ahlawat
    Rachna Ahlawat
    Cofounder, Ondot Systems
  • Caroline Willard
    Caroline Willard
    Executive Vice President, Markets and Strategy, CO-OP Financial Services
  • Shazia Manus
    Shazia Manus
    CEO, The Members Group
  • Jennifer Kerry
    Jennifer Kerry
    Vice President of Credit Card Services, CO-OP Financial Services
  • Darron Dunn
    Darron Dunn
    Vice President, The Members Group
  • Ondine Irving
    Ondine Irving
    Founder and Owner, Card Analysis Solutions
  • Kevin Rowland
    Kevin Rowland
    Senior Business Leader, MasterCard
  • Christian Ensley
    Christian Ensley
    Senior Account Manager – Strategic Partnerships, MasterCard
  • John MacAllister
    John MacAllister
    Principal, Dorado Industries