Crasher Class of THINK 18: A Transformative Experience

One of the newest trends in industry conferences today is to “crash the bash” where young professionals with a promising future are invited to attend a conference. And at THINK 18, CO-OP joined the party by offering its first ever THINK Crashers program, in partnership with Filene Research Institute and the Cooperative Trust. The THINK Crasher Class of 2018 featured 12 individuals (Ryan Eddy, Marlie Russell, Michael Miller, Rieley Koby, Rachel Jones, Courtney Mumm, Alyssa Horsley, Daniel Poulsen, Andrew Chalko, Derek Smith, Amber Soderblom and Wyman Davis) all of whom added tremendous value to this year’s conference. Some of words they used to describe THINK were “energetic”, “transformative”,” and “mind-blowing.” Here’s what they had to say about their THINK 18 experience: Wyman Davis: “The most exciting thing about attending THINK 18 was the opportunity to meet others, networking, hearing the other Crashers’ point of view and what they were expecting to learn and learning about the new products and services CO-OP offers their clients to better serve their members.” Ryan Eddy: “The most exciting part about being able to attend was being in a space with enthusiastic individuals. Not necessarily all with the same goals on what they wanted to accomplish from the conference individually, but with a collective desire to better their credit union and the overall movement; all while learning about new and futuristic technology. (…) Being a Crasher is an eye-opening experience. I am fortunate that this was my second Crasher opportunity, but they provide various opportunities to push yourself out of your comfort zones. The relationships you develop are invaluable. Whether it is with one of the many industry professionals or with your fellow Crashers, these relationships have potential to be lifelong bonds that wouldn’t necessarily be experienced otherwise.” Marlie Russell: “The experience was definitely a once in a life time experience. Knowing that I am literally getting a front row seat to a conference that I probably would never have been able to attend is completely mind-blowing. You are able to have one-on-one conversations with some of the greatest THINKERS known not only to the Credit Union industry but also other avenues, which some people would never be able to do.” Reily Koby: “It was awesome! I learned so many new things that will hopefully help my CU evolve into the growing digital era. YES!!! I am already registered to come back for THINK19! I’m so excited!! We look forward to seeing how the Crasher Class of THINK 18 will transform the industry. And we can’t to meet the Crasher Class of THINK 19. Start planning for THINK 19, May 6-9, 2019 in Miami, Florida. Take advantage of the early bird rate of $999 until October 31, a 50% savings.