15 Insights to make the most out of THINK 18: Collaboration (10-12)

Attending THINK might be one of the best things you can do for your credit union. You’ll learn about industry trends, gain new skills, and make all kinds of new connections. But all these insights, sessions, speeches and conversations can also be overwhelming. To make your THINK experience even more valuable, we are sharing 15 insights that will be referenced and quoted at THINK 18. And, we will continue to share those insights throughout the year as THINK is your connection to insights that affect the credit union industry. 10.  Collaboration among unlikely partners is essential: 5 ways Fintech firms help banks and credit unions. “The real goal for banks and credit unions is to find the right mix of fintech solutions and traditional banking. Play to the tried and true strengths of each type of organization while also opening up to new opportunities to access tools that will empower consumers and reinvigorate marketing opportunities. So, the next time you read a hand-wringing article about how fintech is going to make retention and acquisition more difficult, or cross-selling more challenging, keep things in perspective. Just remember that there are number of quality fintech firms out there that can turn your concerns into opportunities …  growing your revenues, building your customer base and helping you succeed for decades to come.” 11. There have been major changes in the Financial Services Industry. Guess what, there is much more change to come. The coming wave of Digital Disruption. “The constraint for your company will not be the technology. It will be your ability to bring the three drivers to bear: to lower costs, engage customers, and make better use of assets. If you can employ digital technology to do that effectively, you will be among the winners of the age of digital disruption. 12. One way to answer this wave is through this tactic: Enterprise Consolidation leads 2018 Digital Banking Trends. “In 2018, AI and other new technologies will continue to dramatically change the ways consumers interact with the world around them, including how they bank. Banks and credit unions must be able to quickly offer a wide variety of digitally-optimized options, for everything from payments to account opening to customized analytics, to ensure they continue to play a central role in their customers’ and members’ lives.” Join us at THINK 18 for a deep dive into the technology shifts and trends that will impact your credit union.