15 insights to make the most out of THINK 18 – Payments (7-9)

Attending THINK might be one of the best things you can do for your credit union. You’ll learn about industry trends, gain new skills, and make all kinds of new connections. But all these insights, sessions, speeches and conversations can also be overwhelming. To make your THINK experience even more valuable, we are sharing 15 insights that will be referenced and quoted at THINK 18. And, we will continue to share those insights throughout the year as THINK is your connection to insights that affect the credit union industry. 7. There are many factors that impede the use of mobile payments. Here’s one: Digital wallets are safe, yet Americans remain wary. “Although 25 percent of consumers have used a mobile app on their phone to make a payment — a number that will continue to grow — only 12 percent of consumers trust alternative payment providers to protect their payments, according to a separate survey from the American Bankers Association.” 8. Cash is still important to members, what needs to change to transform their behavior? Payments are a-changin’ but cash still rules. “Retail payment systems continue to become faster and more convenient. Yet, despite increased use of electronic payments around the world, there is scant evidence of a shift away from cash. As the appetite for cash remains unabated, few societies are close to “cashless” or even “lesscash”. In fact, demand for cash has risen in most advanced economies since the start of the Great Financial Crisis. This resurgence appears to be driven by store-of-value motives (reflecting lower opportunity cost of holding cash) rather than by payment needs.” 9. Maybe this is the answer? Integrated Payments: Beyond the buzzword. “Aberman said there are a few industries that have already “arrived” in the integrated payments arena. Retail is the classic example, he said: eCommerce completely depends on integrated payments. Brands with a digital presence can’t do business without embedding payments in their online stores.