7 Big Thinkers Describe Your World

At THINK 15, seven breakthrough thinkers described how smart organizations are discovering, shaping and meeting the needs of a rapidly-evolving world – and how credit unions are precisely on trend to serve 21st century consumers. Find out what our big thinkers had to say below, then click on the links to see their full THINK 15 presentations.
Laurel Myer
Laurel Myers, Senior Director, Products & Innovation, The Honest Company
Millennials need the same products and services everyone else does, but they demand more – better quality, higher ethical standards and greater value. Myers says that if you want to know how to serve this market, you had better be ready to listen.
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Nir Eyal
Nir Eyal, Consultant & Author of Hooked: How to Build Habit Forming Products
It’s no accident that consumers keep going back to certain products and services. By understanding the simple feedback loop that drives buying habits, Eyal believes you can create the kind of stickiness that builds lifelong relationships.
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JB Straubel
JB Straubel, Cofounder & Chief Technical Officer, Tesla Motors, Inc. 
Innovation isn’t the extra ingredient you sprinkle on top of your operations. In a breakthrough organization like Tesla, innovation is baked into every element of the business. How can your organization re-engineer itself to create products and ideas that answer 21st century needs?
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Nilofer Merchant
Nilofer Merchant, Author of 11 Rules for Creating Value in the #SocialEra
Our social culture is not only changing the way we consume information; it’s also changing the way we behave as consumers, employees and leaders. Merchant believes your organization can succeed by capitalizing on these changes to create a stronger, more relevant business.
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Lisa Gansky
Lisa Gansky, Founder & Chief Instigator, MESH Labs
Welcome to a new economic model, where relationships, experiences and sharing form the core of healthy businesses. Gansky describes a climate in which “access trumps ownership, value lies in connection, and trust is the primary currency.” The good news? Credit unions are poised to win.
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Sara Critchfield
Sara Critchfield, Founding Editorial Director, Upworthy
Viral content site Upworthy may seem like a shining example of how data drives and shapes consumer attention. But Critchfield makes the case that it’s emotional data that differentiates Upworthy, and emotional connections that create value in a data-centric world.
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Ido Leffler, Consumer Futurist & Cofounder of Yes To, Inc. and Yoobi
There are plenty of challenges to being small: Leffler isn’t interested in these. Instead, he has made an art of being agile – and he believes credit unions can follow suit. With “incredible people, kickass products and an awesome cause,” even a small player can conquer the world.
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