Adding Insights to Our Prototype: Will It Resonate With Aging Adults?

What makes the difference between user experiences with a clear reason for being and those that are easily forgotten? The key step is gaining insights into users’ lives. Where do you begin? Research can take many forms: gathering contextual research, engaging users on their level, and recognizing “a-ha” moments throughout the process. To get the insights needed to create a meaningful solution for older adults, the MasterCard Labs LaunchPad project team walked around a New York park and interviewed consumers who were ages 65-plus and their caregivers to gain a deeper understanding in their needs and desires. Although the results were not entirely surprising, they were still extremely helpful in developing the chosen solution. Customer Intercept Interviews It’s clear that elderly users and their caregivers are still exploring the boundaries of new technology. Innovations that go beyond the status quo and leverage new technology are quick to get users’ attention. But the solutions that deeply consider the meaning and importance of product experience are the ones that deliver lasting value. Introducing OASIS: Based on the project goals, rounds of ideation, animated discussions about adding value, and insights gained from real consumers, the LaunchPad team created OASIS, an omnichannel, personalized, and intuitive financial platform based on a deep understanding of the challenges and constraints of older adults. Value Proposition:
  • Easy Access: Say goodbye to passwords and access your account with just a touch of a finger or a snapshot of your smiling face.
  • Simplified interface: Here is a product built with you in mind, because technology doesn’t have to be complicated.
  • Flexible payments: Handle unexpected medical expenses with the flexibility of installment payments.
  • 24/7 support: Help anytime you need it via chat, phone, or video. We’ll provide you with personalized support so that you can bank confidently.
Competitive Differentiation: Banking services for the future, grounded in values of the past
  • First to market: the first to offer an age-friendly banking experience
  • Personalized experience: a personalized financial control center designed to help members protect and manage their money
  • Trusted brand: CO-OP has a trusted brand, grown with our members and the community
  • Strong infrastructure: comprehensive infrastructure to support our service offerings.
Core Features:
  • Omnichannel experience: Connect with your account on your desktop, phone or tablet.
  • Scam safety net: intelligent alerts for suspicious merchants and deceiving scams
  • Education & budgeting: tailored educational, planning, and budgeting tools
  • Caregiver access: assurance and comfort in your decisions with the help of your loved ones.
Welcome to OASIS:
  If you have ideas and perspectives to add concerning the financial needs of an aging population, join the 2016 THINK Prize Challenge. Through our renewed partnership with OpenIDEO’s global community, we welcome your participation. Share your experiences and collaborate to create solutions that are smart, simple, secure, and tailored to older adults. CO-OP will award the 2016 THINK Prize to one or more top ideas resulting from this process.