Bringing Top THINK Prize Ideas into focus

Our top 30 ideas have been selected – now the race is on to provide feedback, expert insights and teamwork to fine-tune ideas and bring them to light. The THINK Prize 16 Financial Longevity Challenge has officially entered the Refinement phase, with top contenders in place for the final legs of the competition. Over the past two weeks, hundreds of visitors have checked out our ideas in Refinement, including this week’s featured contribution: an Incubator Club for Credit Unions. In case you’ve missed them, here are a few other leading contenders: Are you maximizing endorphins per dollar? Happy Penny offers ideas for making financial fitness more fun by helping users experience the value of money more experientially. Check out the project’s new PDF, which outlines plans for a gamified survey, Happy Penny coaching, and a feedback loop that integrates changes in financial patterns. Can you boost savings success by making it social? Save to Save is an app designed to encourage communities to share savings goals and progress. Save2Save helps users visualize their current spending against their aspired lifestyles and share their progress with members of their community. Would a more personal interface engage your members more fully? New Chapter, a member-personalized microsite, would help credit unions deliver relevant, adoptable solutions and products by differentiating between members who’ve been recently divorced, are comfortably employed, or need to catch up on retirement savings. Check out these and other top ideas in our Refinement phase – and be sure to contribute your insights and expertise. Ideas will continue to undergo refinement for the next few weeks, then the final selection process will begin for the $10,000 THINK Prize 16.