Susan Packard, Co-Founder of HGTV, discussed the emergence of the successful TV network and learnings to be applied for Credit Unions.

Stay fresh

  • What image is your Credit Union projecting when members walk into your door? Does it feel like a lively, human place or like a tomb?
  • You need to take your mission very seriously, but no so much yourself.

Stay focused

  • Focus is a very important part of being successful.
  • Does your Credit Union project the same image, the same visuals throughout all of your branches and marketing materials.
  • Stay true to your mission
  • Once you live your values, they will expand beyond your company to your customers.

Company Culture

  • Susan Packard defined collaboration as ” Checking your ego at the door to be an effective leader.”
  • Be an inclusive leader
  • Treat every employee like an executive.