Do Things People Think Cannot Be Done

“The Honest Company was really started out of a need. We’re here to provide a service and that service is being a trusted resource for families.”
The inspiration for The Honest Company came from Christopher Gavigan’s and Jessica Alba’s own lives as young parents and also from experiences of family and friends. Gavigan and Alba were anxious to find products that were not only effective and affordable but also safe and nontoxic for their children. While many manufacturers made claims that their baby products were “organic” or made with “organic materials,” Gavigan’s degree in environmental science, his experience as an ecology teacher and his collaboration with WebMD put him in a unique position to know exactly what the wording on all those labels really meant. “I always say once you know, you can’t unknow,” Gavigan explains.  That knowledge and awareness sparked a desire in the founders to provide safer options for children and families. Today, The Honest Company is the only family goods brand serving the complete range of household needs with products that are totally safe and non-toxic, accessible in price and availability, truly effective and designed to change the perception of eco-friendly style. Christopher Gavigan, co-founder of The Honest Company, will joins us at THINK 15 on the main stage to explain how honesty, authenticity and using customer service teams as listening devices is the formula to “Seize the Now.”