In his humorous and engaging talk, Sir Ken Robinson (Author of The Element and Out of our minds) explored the power of imagination. He sees Las Vegas and Disneyland as expressions of powerful ideas and the impact of imagination. A powerful idea will overcome everything and separates human beings from other species. Transformative technologies pose new challenges and opportunities for human beings. While computers are nothing more than giant calculators right now, in a few years the processing power of computers will be superior to the human brain. Just think about the changes we’ve experienced in the last 10 years: Google was a novelty, there was no Facebook, Twitter or iPhones. And technology innovation is speeding up instead of slowing down. The world is changing so quickly and we need to adapt as Credit Unions or we will not survive. The real survivors are the ones that respond to change and lead change. How can we promote creativity and create a creative culture? Every child believes to be creative. For many reasons, once we reach adulthood most of us don’t believe in our creative power anymore. Many people live their lives doing things they are good at but not passionate about. They don’t tap into their own imagination, the engine of human achievement. This is a great opportunity for Credit Unions to transform into a creative and imaginative organization. Creativity is the process of having original ideas that have real value. Creativity is inclusive, it should involve the whole organization. Companies need to allow people to tap into their imagination, allow them to be creative. Human resources are like natural resources, we need to dig deep to uncover them. Only a creative culture within your Credit Union will be able to uncover the unlimited power of human imagination and creativity.