Day 2 at THINK 19: Empowering Strategic Agility

In an increasingly crowded marketplace, strategic agility will be required for credit unions to exercise a more active role in their relationships with members. Just like physical agility, strategic agility for organizations requires flexibility, coordination, and a certain amount of pain management. Shedding the weight of legacy systems can certainly be painful, but it is often necessary to achieve the internal operational health necessary to drive external performance in our challenging digital economy. We can’t afford to wait; now is the time to take action. Day Two at THINK 19 (May 6-9 in Miami) is designed to get us energized about activating a more responsive member experience by “Empowering Strategic Agility.” The day’s informative and inspiring sessions include:
  • With the success story of “e-Estonia,” Taavi Kotka, the former CIO of Estonia, will help us envision the kind of results that can be achieved from a digital-first infrastructure free of legacy constraints.
  • Bradley Leimer, one of the most influential voices in fintech, will offer insights on the benefits of fintech partnerships as a source for open solutions for credit unions.
  • World famous chef and humanitarian José Andrés will discuss his experiences leading networked communities into action to serve the immediate needs of people in crisis.
  • Afternoon Masterclasses will break down how credit unions can apply data strategy, optimize payments performance, and develop a member-experience strategy to maximize agility.
See the full Day Two agenda We know where we want to go, so let’s get moving. The opportunity to shape a stronger, faster, and smarter way to reach credit union members has never been greater.