Day 3 at THINK 19: Redefining the Member Experience

Countless studies show us that “friendly, welcoming service” is often more of a deciding factor in defining successful member experiences than the latest digital technology. Despite digital innovation, there seems to be a greater demand for a traditional human touch in consumer experience – but we often see that we can achieve that human touch through digital solutions. Ironic, isn’t it? The final day of THINK 19 (May 6-9 in Miami) will explore how credit unions can demystify the process of “Redefining the Member Experience” by applying data-informed, digital-first strategies to meet human-first goals. Included on the packed final day:
  • Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Charles Duhigg will provide an overview of the data science behind consumer habits, while branding expert and former Beats by Dre CMO Omar Johnson will discuss applying people-first principles to create consumer engagement. Taken together, we’ll get a view of the art and science of how to listen to what the data tells us and how to respond with an empathetic voice.
  • As a leading observer of the banking industry, Jeffry Pilcher of The Financial Brand will explore how credits unions must simplify operations to provide the best experience in an increasingly complex digital marketplace.
  • Consumer experience expert and returning THINK speaker Jeanne Bliss will offer a practical approach to giving members what they desire and credit unions the ability to deliver it through a blend of “high-tech and high-touch.”
  • Our Power Sprints will provide further focus on data, payments, and innovation through the member lens.
  • Plus, look for some final inspiration and surprises as we wrap up THINK 19 in Miami.
See the full Day Three agenda   Now is the time to grab the opportunity to create new kind of member relationship.