Digital is a State of Mind

A digital mindset translates into the ability to adapt to changes in an agile way. At its core, digital is a mindset, a way of looking at the world and a way of thinking about work and life. A digital mindset is not strictly about using technology, although that is a large part of it. While it may have been precipitated by the growth and evolution of disruptive tech, it is defined by a different perspective of the world. An individual with a digital mindset understands the power of technology to democratize, scale and speed up every form of interaction and action. A digital mindset requires you to remain curious and keep learning. This mindset is influenced by three principles:
  • Agility is more than just adapting to change. In the age of disruptive technology, we must be able to foresee and change before the need to change arises. Agility in this context encompasses the skill of being able to scan the landscape and ecosystem of one's domain of work, keep pace with what is happening at the edges, and evolve to remain relevant. In the digital era, this would mean being comfortable with technology, seeing change as an opportunity, and accepting the new ways of working without feeling threatened. It means a comfort with ambiguity that would have been undreamed of in the process-driven era of assembly line production.
  • Collaboration seems to be the mantra of the era. Whether it is about remaining agile and connected to the edges or about completing a project, collaboration gets called upon. Innovating and creating value in this context requires a coming together of cognitively diverse individuals who come with varied experiences and different ways of seeing. Collaboration is the only way to make sense in a complex world and define emergent practices that work.
  • Customer-centricity: Your highest priority is to satisfy the member through the early and continuous delivery of value. Being customer driven is the key to running today’s businesses. Customer-centricity requires design thinking to deliver an outside-in customer viewpoint that enables you to see your credit union from another angle.
Digital is a state of mind based on values and principles. It requires the understanding that for digital to work, it needs to be cultural, not an imposed afterthought. Ultimately, all aspects of the enterprise from strategic planning to the most atomic level tasks must embrace digital for optimal effect. On Day 1 of THINK 17, we will discuss how adopting a digital mindset is critical for business today, and the only way to continue delivering on your members’ expectations. Featured speakers for this topic:
  • Aaron Dignan, Consultant to 99U and author of “The Ready”
  • Samantha Paxson of CO-OP Financial Services
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