Digital Transformation – Grow your Capacity for Change

We live now in a world that is far more connected, chaotic and unpredictable than ever before. No matter how fast and smart you are as a credit union, the world will outpace you, transform your expectations and make your best laid plans look foolish – unless we don’t learn to adapt ourselves and our organizations. To succeed in this environment, credit unions must assess how their teams are equipped to navigate change and manage uncertainty. These skills are a muscle that can be develop. Credit unions who embrace the challenge will develop a competitive advantage. CO-OP Financial Services partnered with NOBL, an Organizational Design Firm, to assess the readiness of credit unions for change. During this webinar, Bud Caddell, NOBL Founder, and Uwe Hook, Digital Transformation Consultant, will share with the audience an inside look at the opportunities and threats facing credit unions today, as well as first steps you can take to grow your capacity for change. Each webinar participant will receive a free download of the Credit Union Change Management Research Report. Join us September 28, 2017 for the webinar: “ Grow Your Capacity for Change: How Credit Unions Can Thrive in Dynamic Markets” Register now. “Viewing your organization through the eyes of employees at all levels is key to creating a culture hospitable to change.” – Todd Clark, President/CEO, CO-OP Financial Services.