Digital Transformation: Let’s get to work

Your organization’s journey from analog to digital is not trivial. Doing digital the way we described it at THINK 17 involves fundamental change: change to the way your credit union budgets, the way you organize and the way you do digital at almost every level. It also includes – and this is to be expected – investments in people and technology and a lot of patience. Change is harder than creation. It generates more friction and more opportunities for failure. Yet change is necessary. So where do you start and how do you go about building a great digital organization? Join us August 16 as we share how to get started on your own digital transformation journey. It’s time to get serious about your digital transformation. Based on industry-leading research, insights from various industries and fintech examples, we have developed a customized playbook for credit unions to start their digital transformation journey. Throughout the hour, we will walk you through the “Credit Union Digital Transformation Playbook,” created especially for our credit union audience at THINK 17. As an added bonus, each webinar participant will receive a free eBook to guide you on your digital transformation journey. Register now