“There’s an important emotional attribute that credit unions must always keep in mind and that’s confidence – confidence in ourselves, confidence in our ability to meet the needs of our members, and confidence in our ability to offer world class service to our membership.”

The THINK Conference and now the THINK brand are designed to foster a more progressive credit union movement. All of the THINK initiatives are created to excite, energize and inspire credit unions’ efforts. 

In this presentation, Paxson leads the entire THINK general session audience through an interactive branding brainstorm that leads credit union attendees to a set of results driven conclusions about the products and services they offer to members and potential members.

Samantha Paxson is the vice president of marketing for CO-OP Financial Services. Her responsibilities include strategic marketing for all products and lines of business. She has more than a decade of integrated marketing experience, including 10 full years in conjunction with the credit union industry.

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Watch Samantha Paxson introducing the CO-OP Consumer Campaign “Empowering People, Amplifying Dreams” here.