How do we build a better THINK?
Attendees at THINK 14 offered a wealth of ideas for improving future conferences and creating new opportunities to participate. In post-conference surveys, THINKers provided their feedback on the THINK experience and served up suggestions on future programs.
Clear Winners
Overwhelmingly, THINKers like to think outside the box. A whopping 94 percent of respondents said they attend THINK to hear innovative, game-changing speakers from outside the credit union movement. The same percentage reported getting ideas at THINK that help their credit unions prosper. About two-thirds of THINKers found their Evolution sessions valuable, while 81 percent took home useful ideas from the THINK lab on building a national credit union brand.
THINK Further
About 58 percent of THINKers liked the idea of expanding the THINK experience beyond the annual conference. But there were diverse opinions on how that experience might unfold: 75 percent preferred email, 57 percent wanted an online experience and 28 percent were interested in videos. One THINKer wondered whether a dedicated social space was feasible: “I had a wonderful time engaging with other attendees over Twitter, and some of us are hoping to do a hackathon. I think having some sort of discussion forum where people can share the actions they’re taking and seek feedback or more ideas would be awesome.” What else would THINKers like to consider? • Turning underperforming brands around • Creating and maintaining a vibrant culture • Finding balance in life • Developing future leaders.
What’s Next?
A full 92 percent of THINKers say THINK is a valuable conference. Moreover, 82 percent say nothing beats the networking and dedicated learning of in-person attendance. But a supportive 40 percent say they’re excited to see how THINK will evolve – as THINK inevitably will. Get the latest on THINK and Regional THINK It Outs here. Read Scott Belsky’s thoughts on sharing ideas to accomplish more here.