Caroline Lane, SVP Business Development & Marketing for CO-OP Financial Services, shared her final takeaways with the audience:
  • How can we be stronger involved in financial literacy?
  • Is there an opportunity for you to engage closer with younger audience, how about a Tony Hawk Credit Union?
  • Reach out to influencers in your local community
  • Act cooperatively
  • Encourage Innovation
  • Have Fun
  • Recruit people with a sense of mission
  • Limited Resources = Innovation Opportunity
  • Understand your community
  • Create a story member can share
  • Socializing is not advertising
  • It doesn’t cost a lot to be cool
  • Pay attention to every touch point
  • Turn negatives into positives
  • Make technology your friend
  • Share a unified message
  • Commit to cooperative action
See you in Boca Raton for THINK 12!