Get ready for your Digital Transformation Journey

You’re about to embark on your digital transformation journey at THINK 17. What will you pack? Though the trip may seem a bit far off, and it’s cool to consider the fun and excitement, this is the time to start yourself heading in the right direction. For this kind of journey, it’s always good to prepare. How do you prepare for such a long trip? We each have our own way of ensuring that we’re ready, whether it’s writing up a packing list, compiling a good road trip play list or packing the book we always wanted to read. For THINK 17, we’re recommending one essential step: Join us for our webinar “THINK Ahead: Get Ready for THINK 17.”  This exclusive pre-THINK event will help you prepare and get the most out of your conference experience. Don't miss out on the Digital Transformation insights, strategies, and more. THINK brings together credit union innovators as well as world-class thought leaders from outside the industry in an environment that's more collaborative than ever before. Ready to be inspired on your Digital Transformation journey? Webinar: THINK Ahead: Get Ready for THINK 17 Date: Thursday, April 27, 2017 Time: 11:00a PT / 2:00p ET Register Now