Give Us Your Feedback: New Phase of THINK 16 Challenge Begins!

The Ideas phase of the THINK 16 Financial Longevity Challenge is over. Let the Feedback begin! We’ve generated more than 130 ideas from consumers, credit union innovators and your members – all around our central question, How might we create financial services that support the dreams and obligations of those 50 and older?  Our brief Feedback phase runs through December 19. If you’ve posted your idea on the THINK Prize 16 Challenge site, look for insights from the OpenIDEO community. If you haven’t submitted an idea, please take a moment to check out the creativity in process. The ideas are inspiring, but what’s more – contributors need your expertise and intelligence to evaluate and progress their ideas as the next phases of the Challenge unfold. How’s the dialogue going? Kate Rushton, whose idea for an online/offline support site for older adults thinking about downsizing is looking for some expert input, believes this is a potential service area for credit unions: “ I believe the analysis of the downsizing decision can be a service offered by a CU to those members considering a move,” Kate says. “The CU should have the relevant software to show (in pictures and numbers) members the financial impact of downsizing.  The CU could establish partnerships with local businesses to provide discounted services if a downsize is pursued. This could include moving companies, storage companies, and social workers to assist with the adjustment.  Like most financial decisions there really are too many moving parts for individuals to conquer using an app without any guidance from a financial partner.  It is a value-add, profitable service for the Challenge's CU partners.” Contributor Rob believes his platform, Sparo, could help credit unions marry their core business with corporate social responsibility: “For example,” he says, “a co-branding credit card is something to offer members: ‘PenFed & Sparo Giving Card’ -- use your PenFed Card and make an impact!” Stay tuned for some exciting announcements as we enter the Refinement phase on December 20. Meanwhile, visit the site and see what our community has been cooking up these past few months – and follow us to stay updated on our journey. It’s been an inspiring trip so far!