Do you ever feel like you’re operating under an inspiration crisis when it comes to social media? There’s no denying that social media is revolutionary: Just witness its role in the recent turmoil in Egypt. But gaining this kind of momentum without the revolutionary agenda is sometimes tricky, and at times even wrapping your mind around the enormity of the social media universe is overwhelming.

Perhaps the hottest-burning segment in social media right now is the web app. With Google’s unveiling of the browser-based Android Market, the signals point to an all-new and rapidly expanding field of consumers that aren’t tied to an “iDevice.” Though you may not be ready to offer up your own app to members just yet, keeping an eye on which apps are garnering the most attention from consumers can provide inspiration for your social media plans. And the research looks to be more than half the fun: If you haven’t taken time to play around with new applications lately, check out this (abbreviated) list of companies to watch in 2011 from Lauren Fisher of Dublin-based social media firm Simply Zesty:

  • Clicker. You get more than just the joy of watching what you want, when you want it. Connect through Facebook and share your favorite shows with friends – or view their recommendations. Clicker lets you access both free and paid programming. It also features discussion boards that help you determine which shows are for you, or put in your two cents about that last ridiculous episode of “What Not to Wear” with the incredibly objectionable Denise the Flight Attendant. See? Already the prospect of television is completely transformed.
  • Waze. “We believe strongly that since traffic is a social phenomenon, the solution must be social as well,” say the people at Waze. Use this navigation app and you’ll get real-time, crowd-sourced information about traffic in your area — that is, actual commentary about dogs running loose on the turnpike right now. Waze is available for five smartphone operating systems in 100 countries.
  • Tubeify. Suppose you’re feeling a little blue. You happen upon the video for Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros singing “Home,” et voila: You feel great. Now what if you curated a playlist of videos just like this that you could access anywhere? And then you shared it with friends on Facebook? You might become the next MTV, minus the bad reality programming.
  • Sensobi Jot. Although this one is still in beta, just thinking about it is changing our lives. This app sends you an email when you make or receive a phone call. To record notes from your call, simply reply to the email. You’ll capture the content of your call and contact information for the person you spoke with. If you’re already an avid CRM user, this might be unnecessary for you. But if you currently use the “scrawl information on the back of an envelope” method, Sensobi Jot could be a game changer.

These were one social media maven’s picks for 2011. What inspires you?