Helpfull– The age of increased member expectations

Over the past 15 years customer expectations have increased by about 24% in almost all categories. Consumers aren’t always able to rationally articulate needs, desires, or real expectations in the financial services category. But they know they want products and services that make their lives more convenient, simpler, easier and/or seamless. And credit unions need to deliver on that promise or consumers will move on quickly to competitors that exceed their expectations. Members are fickle and are so empowered today that they expect extraordinary, over-the top experiences that rock their world. Nothing less will do. Gone are the days where feedback was kept quiet and experiences were collected around a review form. Today, your customer’s comments are transparent to your competitors, making it easier for them to publicly see your pain points. Comparisons are easier to make and product switching happens faster than ever. Customers are ready to switch unless they have one thing…. an undying relationship with a person or people who made them feel uniquely special. So then the question becomes, how do you scale personalization of these human relationships? How do you utilize corporate culture to be a change leader? How do you create consistency, authenticity between product strategy and operational delivery – fueled by collaborative strategy. J.B. Straubel and Nilofer Merchant discussed how to operationalize change and adhere to changing customer expectations. What structures and systems worked for Tesla and other game-changing innovators? What models of integration and collaboration are required to be successful in the age of member expectations? And, how can credit unions stay true to their mission and vision while over-delivering on customer expectations at the same time? Time to seize the now of changing member expectations.