It just doesn’t happen in one day. There’s not going to be that big event, transforming your credit union for good. In general, transformations are the results of small steps of progress. A continued focus on increasingly difficult tasks until you get the results you desire. During the THINK 12 conference, we introduced our audience to many successful people. They didn’t become successful overnight. They had to go through series of steps until they could take the stage and talk about their success. Repeating small and easy tasks doesn’t get you anywhere. Tackling Mount Everest on the first day makes no sense either. You need to take on an endless series of difficult and achievable tasks. If you want to run the marathon, you’re not going to start with a 26-mile training run. You might start with daily two miles in the first week, increasing your daily run by one mile per week. Soon, you’ll be capable of running a marathon. Fear, laziness and impatience You need to pick the right hills to tackle: Some might settle for small hills because they’re afraid of failure. Or they’re just too lazy to push themselves. Others are shooting for too much. They want to wear the gold medal without even working for it. Transforming your credit union is a long journey. You have to pick the right hills: doable and challenging at the same time. Over time, hills become a mountain. And, without even knowing it, one day you might stand on top of Mount Everest. The latest issue of THINK magazine (Fall 2012) provides detailed insights on how to transform your credit union – going from drab to fab.