Don’t Wait for the Next Wave

“Creating your own business is a bit like swimming for those waves – you’ve got seconds! Unless you start swimming at the right moment, you’ll screw up. Either you’ll be left in the wave’s wake or you’ll be pummeled under its crest. Surfing is timing, instinct, experience, and blind faith all mashed up together in a split-second reaction.”
Why do we want the THINK audience to meet Ido Leffler in early May? Is it his commitment to give back through the global brand Yes To and now Yoobi? Is it his fascinating book “Get Big Fast and Do More Good”, describing his multicultural upbringing (growing up in Australia with Israeli parents) and how he started a global brand? Or is it his boundless energy? Those were good enough reasons to invite Ido Leffler to the stage at The Broadmoor. But we asked Ido to dig deeper and share with the audience insights about the unique culture he created by launching his companies, how he added creativity to causes that are really dear to him and how he made giving back as much part of his company’s DNA as making profit. In the spirit of “Seize the Now”, Ido Leffler will inspire the audience and the credit union movement not to wait for the next wave:
“If you stop swimming, striving, and moving forward for even a millisecond, in business as in surfing, you will miss that wave and get sucked back. All you can do is paddle as hard as possible, beat that wave, and get ahead of it. And here’s the tricky part: Just as you think you’ve caught the wave, your brain instinctively slows down a little, and suddenly you’re slipping backwards down the flank of the wave. You almost had it, but you lost it. You’ve got to push through that instinct that tells you to slow down. You’ve got to push through your body’s protective instincts and keep going.”