These are the words we hear in our sleep. They became our inspiration for THINK 14 – and they inform all of our thinking leading up to the conference next May. Consumer attitudes and behavior continue to evolve radically. Can credit unions evolve with them to stay relevant? In the following two feature stories, we’ll consider some of the trends that are shaping consumer behaviors and the credit union movement – trends that go beyond individual products and technologies and speak to the way consumers are interacting with their world. We ask the question, “Who will spark the change that credit unions need?” (Hint: It’s someone you know). Getting your bearings in a changing world, visualizing yourself as a change agent, seeking out new ideas – these begin the journey toward growth and relevance. As we map out the road to New Orleans (and beyond), we’re looking for new ways to get you THINKing at work, motivated at the conference and engaged throughout the year. This is going to be an exciting trip. Start here.