Join Us at THINK Inward: Personalization and the Battle for Mindshare

The landscape around loyalty and member engagement is changing at a pace we’ve not seen before. Lines are being blurred as technologies overlap and more non-traditional companies jump into the space. Credit unions are no longer just competing with other financial institutions, but with the likes of Google, Apple, Groupon and Square. And while payments are the central theme, it is the member experience that is critical to the success of credit unions going forward. The battle for mindshare and wallet share is fierce. The THINK Personalization track will take a forward looking view on the trends that are here to stay, what to expect over the coming years, and how credit unions can take advantage of their position in the marketplace to compete and thrive over the next decade. I will kick things off with what CO-OP is doing to address this space and provide our clients with the tools needed to succeed. We will then hear from John Ainsworth, Senior VP, Group Head with MasterCard Worldwide on the evolving loyalty landscape. We are lucky to have John discuss the future of loyalty as he is on the forefront of MasterCard’s global strategy and will no doubt be one of the people who cannot only predict, but create the future. Our last speaker will be Shazia Manus, CEO of The Members Group (TMG), who will discuss the strategic premise of personalization. If you haven’t seen Shazia before, you won’t want to miss her, as she is as dynamic and captivating as she is enlightening. After a brief break we will return where I will then host a panel discussion to talk about the current issues facing credit union’s today as it relates to member engagement. We will all benefit from the expertise and wisdom of our panelists, including:
  • Jennifer Kerry, Vice President of Credit, CO-OP Financial Services
  • Steve VanFleet, President, Augeo Financial Services
  • Ondine Irving, Principal, Card Analysis Solutions
  • Tim Kolk, Principal, TRK Advisors
  • Ron Record, Relationship Manager, Saylent Technologies
  • John Ainsworth, Senior VP, Group Head, MasterCard Worldwide
We will finish up with time for questions from the audience. Join us for what is sure to be an entertaining, engaging and informative couple of hours. I look forward to seeing you there.