Now Is the Time: How THINK Will Help You Seize the Now

In an overcrowded financial services world filled with offers, flashy marketing and forgettable messages, differentiation is the key to finding a niche and appealing to picky customers. But that’s easier said than done, right? Since THINK 14, we've focused our efforts on sifting through countless studies of changing user behaviors, macro-trends and emerging technologies to define credit union opportunities for 2015 and beyond. Our goal has been to discover key, actionable innovation opportunities that will help credit unions to serve, delight, surprise and build stronger relationships with current and future members. These are opportunities you can put to action in the weeks and months ahead. Throughout THINK 15, we helped guide you through these opportunities, discussed how other innovators took advantage of these emerging trends and collaborated on how the movement and your individual credit union can provide the support and service consumers are seeking in their lives. Seize these 4 opportunities—and change your credit union forever. Betterment Every person aspires to be better, desires to improve. This desire manifests itself in many ways: better financial health, improved financial knowledge, development of new skills. Credit unions that satisfy these needs will simply appear ‘better’ than other financial services companies that don’t. Ubitech People increasingly desire instant, digital-fueled connections at any time: Apple Watch and the Internet of Things are just the beginning. Credit unions that fulfill this need based on empathetic design thinking will be regarded as essential partners of their members. Infolust Your members are lusting after detailed information on where to get the best deals, the cheapest rates, the best banking experience. They want the smartest deal to look smart. Credit unions that utilize on-screen and off-screen innovations based on this need will be rewarded with growth. Local Love While we are all global citizens now, your local place still matters. Customers will continue to embrace and prefer local products, services and knowledge, based in authenticity, convenience and/or local pride. Credit Unions are best suited to support and celebrate local businesses, community and culture to cater to the need of love. These trends are still emerging, just like the Internet of Things. With technology proceeding at an ever more dizzying pace, catching up to new technologies and behavior patterns can feel like an insurmountable chore. THINK 15 was the perfect place and time to step back and focus on the core changes in member behavior to seize the now.