We are living in disruptive times. You know it. I know it. We know it. So, why does it remain so difficult for many to see that we are at the point where taking action is becoming an imperative? Many business models, business leadership outlook and even the outlook of consumers were formed in a time of scarcity, limited technological resources and rigid structures. While incremental changes formerly took place over years, we’re now seeing a world of large scale, rapid change. The behavior of your members is changing because of technology’s impact on what we hear, learn, think and do…all without every having to leave a screen. Innovation is the root of a new disruptive gene that originates from digital DNA and its connecting societies, demanding new technology and media literacy, amplifying customer sentiment and increasing expectations. Your members are becoming an entitled, impatient and yet informed group. They expect reinvention. Problem is, we either don’t yet know how to reinvent ourselves, or we do and intentionally downgrade true transformation in favor of shorter-term concerns and outcomes. Comfort zones are just that – comfortable. It’s hard to be the change agent. But, deep inside, you know exactly what needs to be done differently. You need to harness your opinions, sentiments, belief and vision. Take your own perspective, take a stand and be the change we need in our credit union world. Who, besides you, will take the lead? You are the change agent Every year, change agents of the credit union movement meet at the THINK Conference. They understand that waiting for change will lead nowhere. We need not wait to see what others do. Change agents in the credit union industry have four desirable qualities:
  • They believe in the credit union movement.
  • They expect better from themselves and their credit union.
  • They are skilled communicators, able to attract people to their cause through personality, ideas and communication skills.
  • They are provocative. Change requires shaking up the status quo.
These qualities will all come together April 29, 2013, in Chicago at THINK 13.