Rachna Ahlawat, Cofounder, Ondot Systems Ahlawat introduces and explains the market for Ondot’s breakthrough technology, mobile card controls and alerts – which is the basis for CO-OP’s new CardNav by CO-OP app. This technology addresses cardholder concerns about security and the growing trend toward mobile engagement, while also helping credit unions move toward greater reliance on self-service in an era of unprecedented margin pressure. Ahlawat demonstrates CardNav’s many real-life applications and answers questions about how the new product will apply at credit unions. Find out: What are card controls and alerts? Why would a payment card need a remote control? How would card controls play out in a typical day in the life? Are security concerns and mobile access creating a new consumer need? What’s the benefit of self-service? Can a product like card controls and alerts help credit unions differentiate and build usage? How does CardNav by CO-OP work?