https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hR7ZL2abwh8&rel=0 “As credit unions, we know we have great stories to tell, but consumers are only interested with how it intersects with their own stories and their own lives.”

Based on focused research and interviews with Millennials, CO-OP has learned a great deal about what influences and motivates this group. Of particular interest is what the research revealed about the needs and wants of Gen Y when it comes to financial services.

Based on Millennial research findings, Paxson introduces CO-OP’s new Consumer Campaign, “Empowering People, Amplifying Dreams.” She goes on to describe how the campaign pays off on messaging objectives to provide an emotional benefit to millennials and how the campaign will very directly mobilize and motivate switching to credit unions.

Samantha Paxson is the Vice President of Marketing for CO-OP Financial Services. Her responsibilities include strategic marketing for all products and lines of business. She has more than a decade of integrated marketing experience, including 10 full years in conjunction with the credit union industry.

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