He Shook the Stage at THINK 14. Guess Who’s Coming Back to THINK 16?

He’s built multimillion-dollar companies from scratch using his unique ability to work the controls of a digital culture. One of the most impactful speakers ever to take the THINK stage is returning for THINK 16, May 3 to 6 in San Diego: Get ready for serial entrepreneur, media genius and bestselling author Gary Vaynerchuk.

Vaynerchuk, whose hyperkinetic approach to winning consumers brought down the house at THINK 14, is ready to convince you, forcefully, that there’s never been a better time for credit unions to shine.

For those who aren’t familiar with Vaynerchuk, he launched the fabulously successful winelibrary.com while still in college. After growing that business from $3 million in annual sales to over $60 million in five years, he leveraged his social media savvy to launch VaynerMedia, a digital agency whose high profile clients include General Electric, Pepsi and Vaynerchuk’s beloved New York Jets. He fronts his own YouTube show, invests in new businesses and TV/movie projects, and has a new book on the way.

His message now: Move. If you can show people that you care, building goodwill every step of the way, technology will propel you to grow significantly and quickly. Consumer expectations about speed of delivery and transparency have changed dramatically. Harness that power, and watch yourself go.

Watch the THINK interview with Gary Vaynerchuk, just before he took the stage at THINK 14 here. Or see the complete THINK It Out with Vaynerchuk, Tess Vigeland and Facebook pioneer Randi Zuckerberg here.

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