Leadership and talent were clear priorities for THINK 14 attendees. Finding, cultivating and inspiring that talent remained a question for most. Polling revealed that credit union leaders think credit unions are a good fit for aspiring and motivated leaders. But there’s also room for improvement in attracting the best and brightest talent to lead the movement into the future. THINK participants saw a true role for motivated rising stars in their organizations. Asked to envision themselves as young leaders on the rise, 59 percent said they were “on fire” with enthusiasm for their work. A small but significant 12 percent thought they’d be looking elsewhere for fulfillment. You are a rising star. How inspired are you to work at your credit union?
On fire! 59%
Low simmer 20%
Lukewarm 10%
Looking elsewhere 12%
CO-OP.think.article.graphicsv3-01 Leadership expert Mark Thompson asked the THINK audience to define success. Though all of his choices were plausible, an overwhelming 75 percent of respondents agreed that success meant having purpose, making an impact in service of a cause or company. Almost no one saw being rich or famous as an ultimate measure of success. Possible takeaway: Credit unions pay dividends in ways that matter most. What is the definition of success?
Performance: Achieving a goal 10%
Purpose: Having impact (serving a cause or company) 75%
Pursuing your passions 14%
Making yourself rich 1%
Making yourself famous 1%
CO-OP.think.article.graphicsv1-01 Recognizing that talent and leadership – particularly young talent and fresh leadership – are central to the success of this movement, respondents were keen on nurturing their home teams. Some 46 percent said they would consider developing a young leadership group at work. Another 34 percent thought finding a reverse mentor within their organization was a possibility. What one step can you take Monday morning to inspire new leadership back home?
Offer flex time, telecommuting or time off for individual projects 17%
Develop a young leadership team 46%
Find a reverse mentor within your organization 34%
Launch your own THINK Prize 3%