In an increasingly customized culture, can competitive organizations continue to attract and retain top talent with a one-size-fits-all workplace? Susan Cantrell, Research Fellow at the Accenture Institute for High Performance and author of “Workforce of One:Revolutionizing Talent Management Through Customization,” thinks not.

What’s driving the need for customized workplaces?

  • Consumer experiences with customized marketing and products is raising expectations across the board.
  • Diversity in the workplace means everyone comes to the table with individual needs.
  • Work styles are changing, with more freelancers and virtual workers in the mix.
  • Intensifying competition makes peak productivity a must.

Cantrell spoke about elevating your employees at THINK 14 – and participated in a lively THINK It Out with leadership guru Mark Thompson and a handful of young credit union leaders. She also spoke with THINK via Skype after the conference, toshare her thoughts on bringing credit unions into the new millennium with theirwork choices, and to reveal what her big takeaway from THINK 14 was.