The Change Workshop

Lauren Pollak, Financial Services Lead at Jump, moderated a panel (Chad Lynch – America First, ATM Services Manager, Bryan Thomas, WyHy FCU, VP Finance, Susan Valley, Dow Chemical ECU, Remote Services Manager) actionable ways to harness disruptions and translate them into opportunities. The panelists felt that technology actually leveled the playing field but the numerous technology options make it imperative for credit unions to choose the right vendor. Combine curiosity for technology with a fresh eyes approach and you’ll be able to disrupt credit union business as usual. The panelists were very appreciative about being part of THINK 13 because it allows credit union leaders to think outside of the box and collaborate with other thought leaders. Actually, pretend there’s no box and start with fresh thinking each day. Trust is not only developed through human-to-human relationships but also through digital experiences. We don’t think twice to pay through iTunes and credit unions need to make sure that they develop this trust through all customer touch points. Parting words from the panel: - You should welcome business disruption as a spark for change. - Disruptions are now the business as usual and we need to welcome these are part of our business processes. - Credit Unions have to think more like Apple and Google, leading the industry into new ways to disrupt.