THINK 16 SPEAKERS: Are You Listening? Are You Innovating?

You should already be asking these two questions, repeatedly, every day. What do people really want from me? And, how can I apply real creativity in providing it? At THINK 16, two speakers will be offering up some fresh insights into just these subjects. Empathy expert Whitney Hess and IDEO general manager Tom Kelley bring different – and brilliant – approaches to the practice of human-centered design. Are you ready to become the on-target financial services alternative for a new generation of consumers? Hess and Kelley have news for you: Listen for Real Insights into Your Members Whitney Hess makes it her business to make businesses more empathetic – toward customers, their colleagues and even themselves. If you’ve never considered the value of an empathy expert, just think: Our old assumptions, years of experience, and the habit of viewing the world in demographic terms can all stand in the way of truly uncovering human need. Through her blog Pleasure and Painand through consulting work and speaking engagements – Hess helps leading companies up their game on empathy and emotional intelligence. At THINK 16, find out how to develop better strategy and implement better tactics by learning directly from your members, your market, and your team. To Be More Innovative, Embrace the Creative Mindset Listening for insights into human need is a hallmark of Tom Kelley’s approach to innovation as well. Kelley is the author of three bestselling books on the subject: Creative Confidence, The Art of Innovation and The Ten Faces of Innovation. He is also the general manager of the widely admired design and development firm IDEO (full disclosure: CO-OP is currently partnering with IDEO’s open innovation platform, OpenIDEO, on a credit union engagement initiative). At THINK 16, Kelley illuminates how understanding actual human need is just the first step toward creating a culture of innovation. By developing processes for continuous innovation and embracing creativity as a mindset, organizations can break free from the stereotypes that limit us. Creativity isn’t just for “creative types.” Ideally, it can flourish throughout your organization. Learn the principles and strategies that will allow you to tap into your creative potential at work and in your life. Get the scoop on THINK 16 – including the full speaker lineup -- here.