THINK 16 Speakers: People Are Hungry for Knowledge and Worth

Moneythink co-founder Ted Gonder and GOOD co-founder Max Schorr will address the massive need for financial literacy and meaningful action at THINK 16 in San Diego. Both Gonder and Schorr have made a mission of helping people find success – through financial literacy and practical money management, or by finding ways to act on higher goals and values. Establishing Worth Ted Gonder thinks young America can restore the economic health of the U.S. through greater financial literacy. It may sound lofty, but as founding CEO of Moneythink – a nonprofit that connects low-income high school students with college volunteers for learning and mentorship – Gonder’s mission is already underway. Never mind that he is only 26 years old. Never mind that he’s a member of the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability for Young Americans. Forget that Moneythink has already armed 1,000 college mentors with the knowledge and tools to make a difference in the financial lives of 10,000 low-income youth. Beyond Gonder’s amazing accomplishments is a simple idea: Serve your community with a clearly articulated mission and relentless belief, and big things will happen. At THINK 16, Gonder dives into why financial education is a pivotal issue in 2016, and how the need for new alternatives creates opportunities for you to make an impact. From Content to Community Expanding on the power of information turns out to be Max Schorr’s calling. As a co-founder of GOOD Magazine – aimed at people who want to “live well and do good” – Schorr helped create a focal point for a new brand of successful living. But GOOD became better when it pushed beyond traditional print publishing. GOOD is now an integrated media company, with a strong digital and print presence. It’s also a launching point for turning good intentions into action. Under Schorr’s leadership, GOOD branched out into the Choose GOOD Campaign and GOODcorps – offering readers real opportunities to innovate, create communities and contribute. At THINK 16 you’ll share in Schorr’s journey from content to community, and consider why informing people about issues like financial literacy is only your first step.  Get the full scoop on THINK 16 here.