THINK 17: Takeaways from Day 1

Day 1 with all its excitement of Hamilton, an amazing THINK Review launch and insights from Samantha Paxson, Aaron Dignan and Todd Clark is just behind us.
Let's recap:
5 Key Takeaways From Yesterday:
  1. By 2017, 20 percent of all market leaders will have lost their dominant positions to a company founded after the year 2000 because of a lack of digital business advantage. At $50 billion, Tesla’s market value surpasses both Ford and GM.
  2. We can either move toward digital transformation or wait for it to move toward us.
  3. What’s slowing digital transformation down isn’t people or a lack of technology. It’s the industrial-era operating systems we are using to respond to change.
  4. We are all contending with more competition, more information and more volatility. A digital mindset prioritizes speed and learning in order to adapt to these forces.
  5. The future belongs to those who think and work differently.
Are you ready for Day 2? We are and here are a few insights you will encounter today:
  1. Members have "jobs" for which they find themselves hiring a product or service.
  2. To compete in today’s ever-changing markets – successful business focus strategies around customers “Jobs To Be Done.”
  3. Stop thinking of innovation as a trendy project – consider it your oxygen, essential to transforming your credit union add value to members lives.