THINK 18: AI and Machine Learning Demystified

Artificial Intelligence is poised to transform the financial industry. This intelligence will be built on modern software platforms that combine data from different sources, process and transform it into relevant predictions. The shift from data gathering systems that help financial companies to understand the data, has already started. In 2018, AI will become a bigger part of many industries, including the world of banks and credit unions, as the cost of AI becomes more accessible. As AI gathers large amounts and various types of data to help identify and uncover information to help make better and more informed decisions, ranging from consumer behavior to better understanding internal operational resources. Even for small financial institutions, the time is now to start learning about AI possibilities. In fact, “AI is the new UI (User Interface),” as it was termed in a recent survey by Accenture. Your competition and your customers will not wait for you – and neither will fraudsters seeking to exploit weak links. For these reasons, we dedicated Wednesday afternoon at THINK 18 to focus on AI and Machine Learning, and help demystify it. We assembled an amazing lineup of industry experts and insiders, discussing:
  • Machine Learning and AI 101
  • Data Strategy
  • The Stories your Data will tell
  • The Impact of AI on Credit Unions
  • Credit Union Case Studies
  • And a few more surprises
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