THINK 18 welcomes Chip Heath

We all experience days we never forget. Your first kiss, graduating from high school and/or college, wedding day, the day your children were born. Why do we remember these experiences so vividly? Because they are different from every other day. Sure, some of them are organic, natural events, but many of them are manufactured. We attach a meaning to them through the ceremonies we create. Receiving a college degree in the mail is not the same as attending a commencement ceremony. Why can’t we have more of these wonderful moments? So many of them are created, why can’t we work harder to make more of our days memorable? It would make our families, institutions, and organizations more successful and all of us so much happier. That’s the premise behind “The Power of Moments”. Chip Heath, the co-author of three New York Times best-selling books on business, Chip Heath offers a breadth of expertise to teach the THINK 18 audience how to utilize the power of moments to manage and lead successful change, make communication stickier, and improve their decision-making skills. As a professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Chip teaches courses on business strategy, change, and sticky communication. He has consulted with clients ranging from Google and Gap, to The Nature Conservancy and the American Heart Association. Chip was named among the most influential management thinkers of the 2013 Thinkers 50, and to Fast Company’s list of the Most Creative People in Business. The Heath brothers’ books have been praised by wide-ranging sources—from the Harvard Business Review to People magazine—and have been translated into 33 languages. Chip weaves together the results of his research-based tools with a liberal dose of humor to create keynotes that are truly memorable.