To Go Far, Fast, Bring These Three Things: THINK Interviews Ido Leffler of Yoobi

Entrepreneur Ido Leffler thinks being small can be an organization’s greatest asset. Why? “Being a small organization gives you the ability to act fast and have massive impact within your local area.” Of course, not all small organizations are utilizing this asset to its full potential. As the cofounder and “chief carrot lover” at natural beauty product company Yes To, and cofounder and CEO at socially-driven school supply company Yoobi, Leffler has been successful precisely because he’s so adept at leveraging his firms’ unique strengths. Leffler’s three pillars of success are short and sweet:
  1. Incredible people
  2. Kickass product
  3. Awesome cause
See what Leffler has to say about going fast in 2015 – and why your first step is believing that small is beautiful.