What I Would Love is a Bolder Narrative: THINK Interviews Sara Critchfield of Upworthy

Sara Critchfield, founding editorial director of Upworthy, thinks your logical side should get to know your intuitive side. That is, the part of your brain – or your organization – that thrives on numbers, facts and statistics should meld a little with the emotional, creative, intuitive side. You’ll get better, more divergent thinking. You’ll get richer, more informed decisions. And you’ll get better stories. Wait. Why do stories matter? “Storytelling is important because largely that’s how we learn as humans,” says Critchfield. “We don’t learn in bullet points.” And often, we don’t connect on an emotional level unless we find something emotional to invest in. As you’re making your case to members, prospective members, and the world at large, are you telling the right story? “I don’t need a better checking account or a fancier mobile app,” says Critchfield, “but what I would love is a bolder narrative.” Find out what Critchfield’s story is – and how her insights might help your write a new story of your own.