Valerie Morris hosted a discussion with Nancy Lublin and Susan Packard about culture, generational differences, Apprentice-style hiring – just to name a few. Generational differences Nancy Lublin explained the differences between Generation X/Y and the Millenial Generation: They want everything customized, focus on them, they don’t want to be treated like sheep. Susan Packard added that younger employees expect executives to come to them, not the other way around. It’s not endearing to say that you don’t get this Twitter thing, you rather sound like the people that exclaimed “Elvis shakes too much.” Term limits for executives? Nancy Lublin questioned the audience of the viability of term limits for executives. Susan Packard was more focused on outcomes: As long as the executives produce innovation and inspire the rest of the team, term limits might not be viable. Credit Union Culture A mission and values are not an artificial overlay, these are motivational factors for your Credit Union. The mission has to be communicated continuously and adjustments have to be made on a daily basis. Don’t have too many core values, it just dilutes your mission. Have a few core values and communicate them clearly. Succession Planning The best case is to find a person that can replace you while you’re looking for new opportunities within your Credit Union. Succession Planning should be a win-win situation for all involved. You can groom your successors through mentoring, either as a process or less well-defined. Apprentice-style Hiring? Nancy Lublin urged the audience to be more creative in the hiring process. She just did this for her own non-profit, asking college graduates to fulfill a task and test them out. Credit Unions would get a lot of foot traffic, PR and amazing insights into the capability of potential employees. And never forget: Small innovations help the bottom line.