• Susan Cantrell, research fellow, Accenture Institute for High Performance
  • Mark Thompson, leadership columnist, Forbes
  • Brandi Stankovic, partner, Mitchell Stankovic & Associates
  • Andy Johnson, marketing outreach team leader, Members 1st Federal Credit Union
  • Jamie Crooks, marketing director, Ohio Healthcare Credit Union
  • Tess Vigeland, former host of Public Radio’s Marketplace Money and host of THINK 14
If you’ve ever wondered where the drive and inspiration in your organization is going to come from, watch this. In this THINK It Out, leadership guru Mark Thompson and workplace innovation expert Susan Cantrell dialogue with young credit union leaders about what motivates them. Brandi Stankovic, Andy Johnson and Jamie Crooks discuss their career goals, the challenges they face as credit union up-and-comers, and why they’re passionate about growing the credit union movement. “Most human resources don’t think of their mission as elevating their workforce,” says Cantrell. Yet, by understanding the expectations of this new generation of leaders and helping them find their superpowers, we all rise. Want more? Watch Thompson discuss the value of recruiting as a leadership tool here. See Cantrell speak out on the value of a customized workplace here. Read the results of THINK 14’s audience polls on cultivating leadership here.