How might we use the power of communities to financially empower those who need it most?

The CO-OP THINK Prize “Let’s empower those who need financial resources most. Together.” launched a few weeks ago with the initial Research phase. More than 200 Research contributions were added to the challenge and we were impressed by the inspiring, thoughtful conversations taking place around empowerment – from sharing personal stories to uncovering innovative examples of successful projects in action. With the Research phase to end March 21, this is a perfect time to review a few of the community insights, share stories and get ready for the launch of the ideas phase. Let’s Use Empathy Empathy is a powerful part of the human-centered design process. How are community members building empathy to develop real insights? Read about three unique approaches that were contributed by the global team.  Let's Talk To People One of the best ways to learn more about people’s real financial needs, desires and behaviors (and sometimes, your own!) is simply to get out and talk to them, and the THINK Prize team developed this Interview Toolkit to help guide these conversations. Let's Prepare for Ideation In the coming days, the THINK Prize team will take this rich collection of stories and insights from around the globe and develop Opportunity Areas for the Ideas phase. These facets of the financial empowerment issue will help guide the collaborative thinking towards real-world solutions. Continue to follow us on this exciting journey for the THINK team and the credit union movement. *The THINK 15 Prize Challenge has concluded. Click here to learn more about the challenge and see the winning ideas!